Infinova Showcasing Analog-Digital Co-Existent Surveillance System at ISC West

Analog surveillance gear doesn’t have to disappear when a system advances to IP. 
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Analog surveillance gear doesn’t have to disappear when a system advances to IP. At ISC West, Infinova will show its V2216 VMS (video management system), which makes it possible for IP and analog surveillance cameras and equipment to co-exist and be managed as a single seamless solution.

In this solution, the existing analog equipment, including cameras, control room, video wall and cabling remain untouched while the V2216 software integrates with the present keyboard, sitting on top of the system to manage the IP equipment using the already-installed analog control system.

“Analog surveillance system customers wanting to test the advantages of IP video asked us for a solution that would buy them budget time without having to scrap so much of their analog equipment and immediately retrain their people on a digital system,” said Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president for marketing. “The V2216 VMS provides such a solution, which lets customers extend the life of their existing analog equipment by having it co-exist with their new IP video equipment, yet control both with their present analog system.”

With the system, organizations wanting to migrate to IP video no longer need to buy encoders to convert analog signals to digital signals. Since the analog side of the system is not even touched by the co-existent system, networks can keep their present video wall, system keyboards and joysticks to manage both the analog equipment and their new digital equipment.

In the coexistence system, the system keyboards connect to the V2216 VMS, not the matrix switchers. Operators use their traditional keyboard commands to manage both the analog and digital solutions.

The V2216 VMS also interfaces with the system’s analog matrix switchers at the same time as well as the IP cameras. If an Infinova matrix switcher is used, no additional equipment is needed. For matrix switchers from other companies, Infinova provides a protocol converter box. As a result, on the combined video wall, the analog and IP solutions co-exist but are still separate. Transparent to the operator, with no mouse needed, the system sends IP camera images to the digital monitors and analog camera signals to the analog monitors.

The VMS also has a built-in DVR and access control module to manage contacts and alarms from access control equipment. For door access control, the V2216 VMS displays card swipe information on the monitor and switches video to the camera viewing the door area.

Infinova will show the system ad more of its line of security equipment at ISC West is in Las Vegas, March 24-26 at the Sands Exposition Center, in Booth 5123.

And, check out the use of Infinova cameras in the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center in China.

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