Infinova Cams Watching Over World Expo 2010 Shanghai

As many as 70 million visitors may be passing through the 5-square-kilometer site.
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As many as 70 million visitors may be passing through the 5-square-kilometer World Expo 2010 site in Shanghai, and more than 2,700 Infinova IP and analog cameras, including high-speed IP PTZ domes, mini-domes and fixed cameras, will help with security. The Infinova systems also include matrix switchers, fiber optic systems and other surveillance equipment and software.

In addition to the site itself, roads leading from docks, airports and railroad stations are also incorporating surveillance solutions, creating one of the largest surveillance systems in the world. The event opened May 1 and runs through October 31 with a projection of 70 million or even 100 million visitors, including 100 national leaders. More than 190 countries are involved along with 50 international organizations.

“It is very gratifying to be selected to help protect one of the world’s most visible venues,” said Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president, marketing. “The Expo features one of the largest coexistent analog and digital surveillance systems in the world and we are honored to take such an active role in creating it. It is especially gratifying to have so many differing products be included in so many projects throughout the grounds.”

Infinova fiber transmission equipment can be found in the Expo Theme Pavilion; more than 800 cameras of varying models, plus fiber optic equipment, are in the Expo Center; matrix switchers and cameras are in the Expo Watergate Wharf; and some 400 cameras and other equipment are looking over the Expo Performance Center.

/>The fiber-optic system assures that the use of high-definition video surveillance cameras will not exceed the event's broadband capacity, Infonova said.

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