IDT Launches High-speed Video Contest

 The winner of The Speed of Life the contest will bring home the N-3.
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Integrated Design Tools (IDT) is staging a competition for those who think they have the most captivating use of high-speed video—clips that are shot at 250 fps of faster.

The winner of The Speed of Life the contest will bring home the N-3, IDT’s compact camera capable of more than 65,000 fps.

Online entry is open April 1 to Aug. 21, 2009.

“High-speed imaging allows us to capture details invisible to the naked eye,” said Dr. Luiz Lourenco, CEO of IDT. “From filmmakers to testing professionals, these pros have fascinating footage on their hands for the world to see.”

IDT said the Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp” television program is bringing worldwide attention to high-speed imagery.

The victor will be selected by online votes and a panel of industry experts and will be announced in November during the VISION International Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany.

Video files must be no more than 60 seconds in length, and at least 50 percent of footage must be filmed using high-speed (250 fps or higher) digital technology. Voting will be open Sept. 1 to Oct. 20.