HaiVision Handles Obzerv Laser-Based Video in Tough Environments

Obzerv's systems employ laser cameras for long-range identification and recognition.
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HaiVision Network Video says it has proven interoperability “under extreme conditions” between its Barracuda H/264 encoder and Obzerv laser-based surveillance technology.

Obzerv's systems employ laser cameras for long-range identification and recognition. Such video is difficult for encoders due to rapid field of view changes and visual jitter combined with the low contrast of night and thermal vision. The Barracuda handles the video and provides H.264 compressed video streams. Due to low latency (less than 70 milliseconds), hand-eye coordination required for any remote control of the camera head is maintained.

"We have found the HaiVision Barrucuda encoder to be the only solution capable of encoding our video with a clear image past a certain distance," said Obzerv CEO Deni Bonnier. "Often, a small improvement in the picture quality makes a huge difference in the success of the application."

By using laser instead of thermal technology, Obzerv cameras are capable of identifying detailed objects at distances up to 10 kilometers. Video encoders are used to connect the cameras to the remote command and control centers and to stream the video to desktop viewers.

The Barracuda provides low-latency SD encoding that addresses the widest array of IP video users while occupying a small footprint. The Barracuda supports SD-SDI, S-video, and composite video inputs and is available as a stand-alone appliance or in a high-density 4U rackmount chassis holding up to 21 Barracuda mini-blade encoders.

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