Extron Goes Long-Distance With New USB Extender

The two-piece transmitter and receiver set extends USB up to 450 feet (135 meters)
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Most USB connections just don't go far enough for serious A/V.

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Extron USB Extender That's when you might turn to the USB Extender from Extron Electronics. The two-piece transmitter and receiver set extends USB up to 450 feet (135 meters) on a single, standard CAT 5/5e/6 or CAT 7 cable. It's compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, or 2.0 and includes a four-port hub supporting simultaneous connection of up to four USB devices.

It's suitable for use with the Extron Annotator and remote touchscreen displays, as well as for applications that require the remote location of USB peripherals such as interactive whiteboards, keyboards, mice, and other HID-human input devices. It can also be used with USB 2.0 peripherals that require high data transfer speeds, including Webcams, scanners and storage devices.

“USB was designed for desktop applications with short cable runs, which has long posed a challenge for A/V presentation systems where long distances are the norm,”says Casey Hall, Extron vice president of sales and marketing for North America. “We engineered the USB Extender to overcome the 5 meter distance limitation of USB and to accommodate virtually any USB device, from keyboards and mice to smart phones and personal media players, without restrictions."

It's s housed in a compact 1-inch quarter-rack width metal enclosure. External universal power supplies are provided for both the receiver and transmitter. The transmitter can also be powered directly from the USB host port.

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