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Ready for Recovery

The recession is over! At least, that’s what the Wall Street Journal said the other day—and in the news pages even.
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Sanjay Talwani The recession is over! At least, that’s what the Wall Street Journal said the other day—and in the news pages even.

If the Journal is right, the people and companies that make the best of the recovery are those that emerge different than when the recession started. Companies are leaner and finding they can make do with less. And individuals thinking ahead have tried to gain new skills and stay at the top of their game to avoid the axe and be ready to jump on the next wave of opportunities.

And even in slow times, technology keeps developing.

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PMW-EX1R As described in this issue, Panasonic has new AVCCAM units with more ability to meet users’ ever-imaginative needs. As described next month, its latest Arbitrator in-car camera for law enforcement now can support six cameras and record five, creating a wealth of information you can find easily and take to court.

Luckily, the brains behind the ever-advancing video tools are reaching out to educate users.

At Government Video Expo (Dec. 1-3), for example, there are more than 50 technical sessions, Apple certification classes and presentations from Panasonic, Avid, VBrick and more. And that’s in addition to more than 140 technology exhibitors.

Companies are making other efforts to expose their technology to users. Sony, for example, has a couple of additions to its XDCAM EX line. To bring users up to speed, and the company is hosting an online expo, complete with booths staffed with humans, a networking lounge, technology demos, group chats and a wealth of technical resources.

It will give a good look especially at the new XDCAM EX PMW-EX1R, available in December, and at the PMW-350, a new 2/3-inch shoulder-mounted camera, available in early 2010 with new features users told Sony it should add.

The “New Economics of HD” is Nov. 19 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. Registration is at www.sony.com/hdvirtualexpo.



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