Enclosure Closes Door on Flat Panel’s Cables

Haphazardly hanging cables can destroy the professional look an organization.
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FSR’s PWB-100
While a flat panel display can really dress up a conference room or office, allowing the monitor’s cables to haphazardly hang can destroy the professional look an organization seeks to gain by installing such a device.

However, adding an accessory that will contain a flat panel’s wiring, and any other monitor-related devices, can solve that problem by keeping it all in a nice, neat package.

FSR Inc., a manufacturer of wall, table and ceiling boxes specializing in AV connectivity, offers the PWB-100—or “wall box”—which is installed (as the name suggests) in the wall behind any flat panel display allowing the screen to sit flush against the wall, says Glen Swanson, a director at FSR. A wall box creates a space within the wall behind the mount that holds all the extra cabling and any additional equipment, such as a tuner or digital signage receiver making a clean installation, he said. By storing the extra cables in the wall box, those cables are kept from hanging down keeping the visual sight line of the flat panel display unbroken, he added.

The PWB-100 is 11 inches wide x 5.25 inches high x 3.57 inches deep and installs easily between any two standard studs in the wall. Once populated, the overall height is 7.39 inches behind the wall, FSR says.

Connections and cable entry can be on the top or the bottom depending on installation preference. Designed to mount along the bottom edge behind a Plasma or LCD display, the PWB-100 provides a single point for the monitor’s connections.

The unit accommodates up to six single space Intelligent Plate Solution plates and a UL listed single gang gem box for AC power.



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