DVE Launching Eye Align Huddle Room

4K telepresence system for group collaboration

IRVINE, CALIF.—Digital Video Enterprise wants to eliminate people debating to whether look at a camera or at the other individual during a teleconference with its DVE Huddle Room 4K Eye Align series technology. The Eye Align Huddle Room improves telepresence by presenting a life-size, 4K/UHD image of an individual with a hidden camera behind the image at eye level.


The Eye Align Huddle Room features a frameless 4K/UHD flat panel display designed for the Eye Align 4K Huddle series. The removal of a display screen’s bezel frame increase the immersive telepresence experience, according to Jeff Machtig, DVE’s co-founder.

The Huddle is available with a range of codec options that can fit existing VTC and IT infrastructure; it also can communicate with legacy VTC systems and mobile devices. In addition, the DVE Huddle Room is capable of displaying 3D visualizations, big screen data and 4K TV.

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