VariZoom Unveils the ‘Stealthy’ Multiple Use Camera Device

VariZoom, a camera equipment company located in Austin, Texas, launches the “Stealthy,” a multi-use camera device that can be a steady motion stabilizer, a three-point shooter, a mini monopod, a full monopod and a tripod handling.

The Stealthy hangs from a belt clip and can be quickly deployed in the field to capture images, thereby meeting the needs of both photography and video applications, VariZoom says.

With a single move, the Stealthy transforms into a lap monopod, and with another move it becomes a fully functional gimbaled stabilizer for steady walking shots and simulated crane motions, the company says. And with yet another adjustment, the Stealthy becomes a three-point shooter enabling steady shots with full adjustments to fit most users’ DSLR and video camera needs, from eight ounces up to several pounds, the firm says.

The Stealthy also converts to a tabletop tripod, and the optional extended monopod goes to six feet, VariZoom says.

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