Stations Announce Plan to Go Dark After Auction

ALEXANDRIA, VA.—A pair of university-owned public television stations will go dark upon the conclusion of the spectrum auction, according to reports from Government Video’s sister publication B&C.

On Wednesday, WCMZ-TV, which is based in Flint, Mich., and is owned by Central Michigan University, announced that it sold its spectrum for $14 million. According to the George Ross, that station president, one of the main factors in the decision was that 99 percent of Flint viewers have access to other PBS stations. No employees currently work at WCMZ-TV—it consists of a single transmitter—and Central Michigan University will continue operating four other public stations in the state.

The University of South Florida was the other school to have sold off its spectrum for WUSF TV. The university received $18.7 million for its spectrum. Unlike at Central Michigan, the closing of WUSF will result in the termination of employees. No decision has been made on the station’s last day.

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