Moxa Creates IP-Based Video Surveillance for Taipei Metro

The Taipei [China] Mass Rapid Transit system, tapped manufacturer Moxa, which produces device-networking products, to create an Internet protocol-based video surveillance system for its Nangang-Banqiao-Tucheng Line.

For that project, which began in 2012, rather than use analog cameras and digital video recorder systems, the TMRT decided to utilize IP cameras and network video recorders.

TMRT says it chose IP video technology because it enables the line to achieve greater video coverage, improved image quality, higher bandwidth and better system management. With its open network, IP video is easier to deploy and integrate into the metro’s other systems. Additionally, it also supports live view and video recording on the train itself and remotely at train stations and operation and control centers.
The video surveillance system meets strict performance and reliability criteria for electromagnetic compatibility, vibration and physical protection, and in view of that, Moxa’s International Electrotechnical Commission 60571-compliant IP cameras, network switches and NVRs were selected, according to TMRT.

Three models of the Moxa IP rolling stock camera line are used in this system. They are:

  • The VPort 16-M12 series, a ceiling-mounted, dome-type IP camera for carriage surveillance
  • The VPort 26A series, a ceiling-mounted, low-illumination, dome-type IP camera for surveillance in the driver’s cab
  • The VPort P06HC series, a hidden-type IP camera for the intercom system

All the cameras conform to Open Network Video Interface Forum standards, meet the rugged EMC, temperature, vibration and shock design requirements of IEC 60571, support Full-HD, 1080P (1920 x 1080) resolution and are equipped to capture high-quality images, Moxa says.

The cameras are powered over the switches’ power over Ethernet ports, reducing cabling needs, and the port-trunking function enables the system to support wide bandwidth. The switch management features enable system operators to have greater control, the company says.

Moxa also developed custom hardware and form factors for the MRT. The company also installed smart NVRs for video recording: the V2416 (in the carriage) and V2616 for live display and system management in the driver's cab. Those NVRs feature a patented anti-vibration kit with hard disk modules that can be hot-swapped for easy maintenance and minimal system downtime, according to Moxa.

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