Government Video Website of the Week: The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has been responsible for planning and executing the swearing-in ceremonies and the luncheon for the “Inauguration of the President of the United States at the U.S. Capitol” since 1901.
            The committee’s website has on its front page a counter which is counting down the days until the “Fifty-Seventh Presidential Inauguration”—which is Jan. 21, 2013—as well as an explanation of the theme for the Inaugural Ceremonies, which is “Faith in America’s Future.”
            The website provides both historical and useful information. On the historical side, the website features the committee’s history, including how it was formed and its purpose. The website also lists “Facts, Firsts and Precedents” about past inaugural ceremonies, including a video of the “First Inaugural ceremony recorded by newsreel.” With a click see President Calvin Coolidge accompany President-elect Herbert Hoover from the White House and down Pennsylvania Avenue in “Procession to the Capitol” where Hoover then takes the oath.
            On the useful side, there is a section listing “Inauguration Day Events” that covers a typical day for the president-elect, from the morning worship service to the nighttime inaugural balls. And, of course, the website has information on obtaining tickets for those events, including for the inauguration, the following parade and the many balls held that night.
            For providing information on attending the inauguration of the U.S. president, the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies is Government Video’s Website of the Week.
            Click here to access the website.

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