Easitech Launches Mini Projector with Finger-activated Touchscreen

The Shanghai company Easitech announced a new mini projector touchscreen that is activated by a finger or stylus. Weighing 5 ounces, the Lazertouch projector can turn a surface or wall into an interactive white board presentation.

The Lazertouch projects a display — ranging from either a tablet-sized 20-inch image up to a 150-inch display — that serves as a virtual touchscreen or interactive white board for meetings, presentations, 3D movies, immersive gaming or VR. The Lazertouch emits an invisible laser beam parallel to the projection screen, and when a finger or stylus touches the beam, the sensor detects and interprets the touch, much like a traditional touchscreen.

Operating similar to a tablet PC, the system features built-in Android OS, downloadable apps, speakers, 32 GB of storage, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and a rechargeable battery. The system also includes ports for HDMI, USB, headphones and Micro SD, and supports 4K video and 3D holographic projection.

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