China’s Airports, Railways Called Best Video Surveillance Markets

The “best chance” for sales of video surveillance systems in China is to airports and high-speed railways, says a report—Assessment of China's Market for Video Surveillance Systems—by Research and Markets.
            In addition, the demand for faster refresh rates and clearer pictures will shift customers to digital products, the report says. However, despite the trends, the digital market is not expected to overtake the analogue market for at least five years, the study says.
            Further, the video surveillance market is growing at a rate of 24.5 percent, pushed by demand from governmental urban safety projects, commercial and residential construction, railroads, banks, road management, general industry and more, the report says.
            Research and Markets says the report is comprised of data and analysis of China’s video surveillance system market, and it focuses on domestic sales of surveillance systems, which are segmented into five components: cameras, recorders, displays, matrices and optical transceivers.
            The study presents a predominantly supply-side view in terms of market numbers, and in addition to suppliers, the primary research covers channel influencers, customers and end-users and industry experts, the researcher says.
            Click here to access the report.

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