Rhode Island Capitol TV Streams Legislative Meetings with DEVOS

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Capitol TV is an arm of the Rhode Island Legislature charged with broadcasting House, Senate, committee meetings, and special events. Organized as a conventional, small TV station, Capitol TV shares a statewide cable-TV channel with other local broadcasters. Of course, the state's elected representatives don't schedule sessions around primetime hours when Capitol TV is available to local cable-TV viewers, so watching live sessions was often impossible.


Moreover, Capitol TV produces hundreds of interview programs such as "Straight from the Gavel" and "Capitol Spotlight" where an elected official typically explains the background and details of issues important to citizens.

"Our Cable TV schedule made it difficult to broadcast all live sessions and also make replays and interviews available during the hours when citizens wanted to view" said Derek Hayes, Capitol TV General Manager. "But with streaming, we now have the capability to provide up to four live hearings and unlimited video-on-demand".

Capitol TV deployed a DEVOS system from Discover Video (www.discovervideo.com). They put one server on in the capitol building, and use the DEVOS cloud system for delivery to Internet viewers. The system cost less than half of the cost of one staff member, including all software and hardware, encoders, servers, services, and installation.

Today the system has over 5000 VoD's with new content added almost every day, four live channels, and 32 different collections. Most legislative sessions are streamed live on the Internet and recorded for on-demand viewing.   The unique DEVOS hybrid configuration allows people internally (with Capitol) and on the Internet to have high quality viewing experiences.

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