Cupertino Video Department Goes Green With Photon Beard LEDs

CUPERTINO, CALIF.—The city of Cupertino resides in Silicon Valley, so with all that advanced tech around, the city’s government looks to keep up with its neighbors. To do so, the City of Cupertino’s internal Video Department recently acquired Photon Beard PB80 remote phosphor LED Redheads, a providing a “greener,” lower energy system.


Cupertino added a three head portable kit for the PB80 to its stock. The light unit combines the form factor and behavior of a tungsten Redhead with the operation of an LED source. The remote phosphor technology used by the light provides stable color and allows switching from tungsten to daylight balanced light.

The Video Department will utilize the PB80 for its dedicated community channel, which will cover City Council meetings and other local events.

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