University of Colorado Offering Virtual Tours Via concept3D Tech

CampusBird platform designed specifically for education institutions

DENVER—You can now get a look at the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder without heading out to Colorado with the launch of concept3D’s CampusBird platform at the school.


The CampusBird technology offers a 3D, detailed interactive map of campus grounds and building interiors, and can highlight off-campus attractions and resources through virtual tour software. The system’s maps layers can be modified and customized for different areas of the university.

CampusBird offers two virtual two systems: VitalPath, a point-to-point system for walking and other map-based tours, and the Xplorer Virtual Tour, CampusBird’s latest system that creates fully immersive VR-enabled tours using 360-degree videos and images, as well as offering narration.

The CU Boulder CampusBird map includes virtual tours, a host of on-campus information and areas to explore, and off-campus outdoor recreation highlights including national parks, ski areas and hiking spots.

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