Boston University School of Law Calls on Biamp


BEAVERTON, ORE.—The Boston University School of Law recently built out its Summer M. Redstone Building, adding AV equipment to its classrooms, practice courtrooms and seminar rooms to record lessons and make available on students’ mobile devices. For this system, the university has implemented Biamp Systems’ Tesira platform for audio digital signal processing (DSP).

The Tesira platform provides audio processing for webcasting throughout the Redstone building and the Law Tower. Tesira’s SpeechSense and AmbientSense technologies are used to distinguish between human speech and ambient room noise. In addition, the system provides signal routing and mixing, equalization, filtering, dynamics and delay, as well as control, monitoring and diagnostic tools for audio capture.

HB Communications managed the project and selected Biamp’s Tesira system for Boston University.

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