MAM-A Expands 'Made in USA' Recording Media Line

Looking for recordable optical discs made here in the U.S.A?

MAM-A Inc. has completed its upgrade at its Colorado Springs manufacturing facility and now offers its full range of Silver CD-R & DVD-R/+R products, and its 24kt Gold Archival CD-R and DVD-R/+R products, all with a "Made in USA" option.

MAM-A is the last recordable optical disc manufacturer with CD-R and DVD-R lines in the United States. 

The company says that although all of its discs are made to the same standards, products made in Colorado give an option to those willing to purchase American-made goods, and for North American trade partners looking to pay lower tariffs. 

“We are proud to be more than just a sales office and still make discs here in America," said Ram Monula, MAM-A CEO.

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